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Request for packages

I've just submitted these two packages to the wnpp.  If s/o wants to
step forward and package it, please notify wnpp@debian.org.

gifc 2.6 - the GIF compiler
Mp3blaster 2.0b5 - interactive text-based mp3 player

gifc 2.6 - the GIF compiler

> gifc accepts a file with graphical commands and outputs 
> a GIF file.  It originated in a need by my sysadmin to 
> show some system information graphically.  He found that 
> HTML is not very versatile in placing text and graphics 
> on a page, so he started a kind of contest, from which 
> this program was born.
> gifc is a Perl script, and thus needs Perl (version 5.003,
> patchlevel 23; preferably 5.004).  It also needs the GD 
> Perl module which can be downloaded at 
> http://www.perl.com/CPAN.
> The current release (2.6) is my second public release.
> The possibility to rotate text counterclockwise over
> 90 degrees has been added.  In a later release, the general
> case of rotation (and its application to images) will be
> implemented.
> The home page of gifc is:
> http://gallery.uunet.be/Peter.Verthez/gifctxt.html,
> from which you can also download the package.  The program 
> is released under the GPL.  The README file contains build 
> and installation instructions.
> I can be reached for suggestions and bug reports at 
> Peter.Verthez@advalvas.be

Mp3blaster 2.0b5 - interactive text-based mp3 player

> Hello,
> I have released a new version of mp3blaster, version 2.0b5. Mp3blaster
> is an interactive text-based program that plays mp3 audio files. It is
> one of the very few mp3 players for the text console that allows full
> interactive control during playback. One of its key features is the
> ability to compose a very flexible playlist.
> This new version fixes a bug in the decoding library that made the program
> crash on some mp3 formats (notably mp3 files with a sampling frequency of
> 48Khz).
> This version also contains several new features, the most important
> being the built-in mixer support and improved command-line options.
> You can download mp3blaster from these places:
> ftp://mud.stack.nl/pub/mp3blaster/mp3blaster-2.0b5.tar.gz
> http://www.stack.nl/~brama/src/mp3blaster-2.0b5.tar.gz
> And very soon:
> ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/sound/players/mp3blaster-2.0b5.tar.gz
> Bram
> --
> Bram Avontuur (http://www.stack.nl/~brama/, also MP3Blaster main page)



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to answer.   -- Perl book

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