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Re: Perl modules and perl upgrade

On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 03:40:06AM -0700, John Lapeyre wrote:
> *Richard Braakman wrote:
> > I still don't see anything that will keep a system from breaking when
> > perl 5.005 is installed, though.  Saying "upgrade everything" is not
> > good enough -- we support partial upgrades.  If a user installs one
> > package from the new distribution, and this pulls in the new perl, and
> > that breaks every other perl module on the system, then there is a
> > problem.
> I do see a problem though.  What about scripts ?  Scripts should all
> point to /usr/bin/perl, but we need simultaneous versions of perl.  I
> guess /etc/alternatives can only point to one perl at a time.  But
> some scripts will need different versions depending on which modules
> they are using. I am confused, maybe I don't understand something.

If it needs external modules I'm going to suggest that such programs use
a specific perl binary...

> Does it make sense to set the unversioned perl library path to be last
> in @INC in perl5.005, so any modules that were not upgraded will be
> found there ?

No, there are some massive issues with that which makes it more of a
headache then (IMHO) its worth..
(Incompatible stuff, among other things)
>  btw. Here is an interesting bit from A. Cox from this week on lsb-discuss
>    Im very concerned we don't try and mandate perl too much. Every tiny
>    subrelease of perl breaks something different, and there is no formal
>    grammar for perl to reference against that I can find.
>    Perl is a bigger nightmare than libc variance

Alan knows what he is talking about, there is a reason why perl5.005
should not share stuff with perl5.004, lets make it a clean break, as we
did with libc5..

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