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Re: moving of dinstall's run time on master

Adam Heath wrote:
[long clarification]

I'm glad to read this.

You asked why, if anyone was offended, Joey was the first to respond.
Well, James and I were conferring on the proper response, and Guy is on
vacation.  Joey sort of jumped the gun on the reply I was carefully
preparing, but I'm glad he got things out in the open :)

Note that this reply is entirely mine.

> > I want to move the time that dinstall runs, and I was thinking about making
> > it run at midnite(12:00am, 6am UTC).  This would put the mirror pulse at
> > 1:30am (7:30) - 3:30(9:30).  

The install run is an important point of the day for release management.
Early morning is inconvenient for me.  The hours leading up to the
install run are more important than the hours after it.  What exactly
are the peak network hours?

The best time for me would be midnight.  I'm at GMT+0200 as of today.

> > This email is not a discussion about whether to move dinstall's run time.
> > It will happen no matter what.  This email is to discuss possible
> > alternatives.
> I am not going to restate this, because I find it a little hard to do so.  I
> will just comment on it.

It is indeed the tone of this paragraph that caused difficulty.  It's very
arrogant, and you claim authority over something that is managed by three
other groups of people (archive, web, mirror network).  

> I am not aware of any technical problems with moving dinstall's time.

That's your own fault :-)

There _are_ technical problems.  I would certainly not attempt it while
Guy is away, and I'd get confirmation from James Treacy and Jason Gunthorpe

At what time(s) does ftp.debian.org poll?  The dinstall run has to be
synchronized with that.  Otherwise I expect fire and brimstone and many
annoying bugreports.

Other jobs also have to be rescheduled.  The Lintian run is one I know
about.  They have to be changed at the same time.

Richard Braakman

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