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Re: moving of dinstall run time on master.

First, why is this on debian-private and debian-devel?

Stephen Crowley <crow@debian.org> writes:

> > Wait a minute.  Since when does Novare dictate Debian policy?  Why are 
> > you, or they, forcing decisions on Debian solely by virtue of your
> > status as a donor of equipment to Debian?

> Last I checked the time dinstall runs was not part of policy. Moving the
> time will not affect the project at all.

I see.  Neither are directories on master.  So I guess that anytime
some donor to the project wants to nuke everything in /home/Debian,
they have that right, because they're the ones donating the bandwidth
(and after all, this would cut down on the bandwidth, could be their

Please.  Debian policy does not grant any outside entity the right to
mess with us.  Debian policy doesn't explicitly prohibit deleting
random .debs from the archive either.  Maybe a donor could just delete 
X because it's large?

> > Once again, Novare people are invoking their status as Debian donors
> > as justification for imposing decisions on Debian.  Regardless of
> > whether the move is justified (I believe it is), you are not the one
> > to force this decision on Debian, and the fact that your company
> > donates equipment to Debian gives it no special right to control
> > Debian.  Where does the Constitution, or the SPI Bylaws, state that
> > donors have control over Debian affairs?
> It has nothing to do with the constituion or bylaws, its common sense. If
> someone is *donating* something, and they want to change something which
> will *not* affect the project and make their lives easier. Then by all
> means, it should be done. 

Who gets to say whether it will affect the project?  They said "it
will be done".  Period.  They gave no option.

> > > Moving dinstall's run time involves more than just the ftpmasters.  They do
> > > NOT run debian.  They work FOR debian, and FOR the developers.  Because of
> > > this, I decided to have broader distribution of this notice.
> > 
> > Novare does not work for Debian or for the developers.  Why should
> > they make a decision?
> >
> Because they donate bandwidth and hardware.

Ohhh.  I see.  So because somebody gives us stuff, they now have a
magical control over the project?  Interesting philosophy.

So, let's say that the company hosting Debian decides that, "gee,
Joe Developer doesn't need his account because he bought his CDs from
somebody else.  Let's just delete it for him because it saves us
bandwidth."  You see, while they own the hardware, they don't own the
contents or the developers' files.  They were trying to control those
things which they don't own, a power which has not been granted to

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