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Re: packaging fidonet stuff

On Sun, Mar 28, 1999 at 09:58:08PM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Are there (m)any other Fidonet members out there?

I was one, but it wasn't worth keeping a node up even for ZMH.  When
your packets are delivered by ftp or even email, what's the point?  I
recall a net in z2 for internet use that was more flexable about things
like that, but nothing of the sort exists for z1 and the best I can hope
for is a point.  I would not want to be a point, though at the moment
considering if I had a node I would be just me, it probably doesn't
matter..  Still, if I'm gonna be on the list I'd rather be connected as a

Unless in my absence Fidonet policy has changed ...

> I'm interested in packaging some of the HUSKY tools;
> http://fidosoft.sar-gmbh.com/
> I'm about to shutdown my DOS system and want to get something running
> under linux. I have Marco's ifmail/ifcico packages up and running nicely.

FTN over Internet is pretty cool..  There's a lot you can do with just
procmail, uudecode or mime, and of course a tosser and your favorite
usenet or mail reader..  (I'd prefer email reader for Fido because the
echos fit mailing list better than newsgroup IMO)

At any rate, I'm interested at least.

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