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Packages seeking new maintainer (python-related, ilu, pact, hyperlatex)

I am looking for a new maintainer for the following packages; if some
packaging help is needed for new Debian developers, which want to take 
over one of these packages, please be free to ask me.

hyperlatex - Creating HTML using LaTeX documents (no open bug reports).

ilu - The Inter-Language Unification system from XEROX (needs to be
upgraded to upstream version).

libtclobjc - Tcl/Objective-C Interface Library (no open bug reports).

pact - A Portable Application Code Toolkit. (one bug report, which is
fixed in new upload). This package is needed for the python-llnl

python-llnl (no open bugs) (together with pact) - consisting of
  python-numeric - Numerical (matrix-oriented) Mathematics for Python
  python-rng - Various random number distributions for Python
  python-graphics - Enables use of Gist and Narcisse from Python
  python-history - time history data from Python-steered simulations

python-netcdf -- NetCDF bindings for Python (uses python-numeric).

python-wpy - Portable GUI library for python. (no bugs)
  This could be orphaned if nobody wants it ...

gstep-* -- Packages of the GNUstep project; Looking for a
  co-maintainer to form a maintainer group or for a maintainer of the
  non-core packages (gstep-extensions, gstep-guile and gstep-db).

python-gnome, python-gtk - Python bindings for Gnome and GTK (prepared 
  new version, which should be uploaded to the Gnome staging area).

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