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Re: Clueless users are bad for debian (was Let's CENSOR it!)

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Jules Bean wrote:
> Maybe you should consider contributing code to the GTK TreeList (or
> whatever they called it) until it's powerful enough to do what you need,
> instead of reinventing the wheel?

The problem is that you need a special kind of tree for it to be fast
enough. My long-term plan is to write a Gtk widget that works the proper
way. The existing tree widgets (GtkTree and GtkCTree) are both too slow
to be usable for gnome-apt though (I did try, believe me).
(Basically, you have to write a tree that attaches to your program's
existing data structures. The Gtk trees require you to "stuff" all the
info into the widget, which eats a bunch of memory and is too slow for
Apt, because every time you change a package the whole tree could change,
so you have to re-stuff the whole thing.)

> > You'll notice that none of the Gnome *applications* are 1.0, in fact
> > gnome-apt is 0.3, so they are all firmly in the "don't whine" category
> > anyway.
> Which, IMO, meant that the GNOME team shouldn't have released 'GNOME 1.0'.
> *sigh*.  I fear that it will give the project a bad name.

Well, we fear it too but it was a hard call and Miguel had to make it. The
purpose of the 1.0 release was basically to say "gnome-libs 1.0 is stable,
you can use it to write applications." There was massive resistance to
writing apps with gnome-libs, because people felt it wasn't stable enough.

The flurry of bugfix releases have fixed almost every problem that's been
reported in gnome-core, gmc, etc.

Anyway, gnome-libs is a very solid piece of software. Write applications
with it. :-)


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