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Re: make anacron a base package

On Sat, Mar 27, 1999 at 01:50:22PM +0100, Mauro Mazzieri wrote:
> Michael Bramer wrote:
> > Can't we move anacron to a base package?
> > On a not-24h-run computer, the system need anacron to make this work
> > (update the locate-db for example) and on a 24h-run computer anacron
> > don't disturb the computer.
> > Or make a question at the install time:
> > Should I install anacron (this is recommended, if your computer don't
> > run 24 hour of the day)? [Y/n]
> I think that must be asked 2 question at install time:
> 1) Your computer is up 24 ours a day?
> 2) Your computer has permanent network connection or a dial-up
> connection?

But I think there is no harm in running scripts from anacron even on
a 24x7 system? You just get anacron to run out of cron, then you can run
your daily scripts out of anacron and the effect is the same. 

(Except that if your system is down for a while, the scripts will be run
when the machine comes back up if the regular time was missed.)

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