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e2fsprogs + glibc 2.1 + kernel 2.2.1?


are there any issues with e2fsprogs + glibc 2.1 + kernel 2.2.1 that I have

I have a new HD (IBM DTTA 351010, 10.1 GB, 19650/16/63 Ultra DMA).

Partition table:
   Device Boot    Start       End    Blocks   Id  System
/dev/hdc1             1       261    131512+  82  Linux swap
/dev/hdc2           262      8584   4194792   83  Linux native
/dev/hdc3          8585     10665   1048824   83  Linux native
/dev/hdc4         10666     12291    819504   83  Linux native

flora:/home/brinkmds/wichert# mke2fs /dev/hdc1

Does work. (So does mkswap)

flora:/home/brinkmds/wichert# mke2fs /dev/hdc2
dev/hdc2: Invalid argument passed to ext2 library while setting up superblock

The same for all other partitions but the first.


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