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Re: make anacron a base package

Michael Bramer wrote:
> Can't we move anacron to a base package?
> On a not-24h-run computer, the system need anacron to make this work
> (update the locate-db for example) and on a 24h-run computer anacron
> don't disturb the computer.
> Or make a question at the install time:
> Should I install anacron (this is recommended, if your computer don't
> run 24 hour of the day)? [Y/n]
I think that must be asked 2 question at install time:
1) Your computer is up 24 ours a day?
2) Your computer has permanent network connection or a dial-up

This two question are for cron vs. anacron jobs the first, and for init
vs. ip-up/ip-down scripts the second.

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