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Re: Clueless users are bad for debian (was Let's CENSOR it!)

On Sat, 27 Mar 1999, Joseph Carter wrote:
> The problem is as great as gnome-apt is (which afaict is about as great
> as anything gnome based, ie buggy---but that's a seperate rant) it's an X

I'll bite this troll...

All the many gnome-apt bugs I know of are 100% my fault and unrelated to
Gnome. :-) There was one bug with gnome-libs .99.3 that was Gnome's fault.

Most of the bugs that have been reported to me are in the tree view, which
is just a coding disaster I need to fix.... look at drawtree.cc and
pkgtree.cc in the gnome-apt source and you will see the problem...

GUI software is *hard* to write well, and 90% of the tens of thousands of
lines of Gnome-related code is less than a year old. Don't rant until
you've tried coding something this big and complex. You simply have no

You'll notice that none of the Gnome *applications* are 1.0, in fact
gnome-apt is 0.3, so they are all firmly in the "don't whine" category

(There's a book, "Programming as if People Mattered," that talks some
about what a nightmare it is to program interfaces (raster graphics or
curses or whatever) vs. the nice controlled world of most command line
programs. Add to that CORBA and X... :-) Most people do not program
defensively enough for the environment.)

> So where's the apt front end for the console?  apt 0.0.5 was the last
> version to feature one.  =p  I hope the apt and gnome-apt teams haven't
> forgotten us console people.  =>

There just isn't anyone working on it right now AFAIK, but anyone is
welcome to do so I assume. You might look at "swim"; I emailed that guy
and suggested he work on the curses Apt frontend, he seemed to be into the
idea but I don't know if he's really worked on it.


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