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Re: Clueless users are bad for debian (was Let's CENSOR it!)

On Sat, Mar 27, 1999 at 04:30:04PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> bristel> It has been brought up time and time again that what we need
> bristel> is to make Debian easy to install, easy to use, and easy to
> bristel> configure for all levels of users.  Now, the installation
> bristel> issue is being addressed by the apt group.
> I resent this.  I evaluated Debian usability and found the biggest
> problems for new users, as well as new maintainers, was documentation.
> I personally must have put at least 120 hours into the project of
> improving the Installation documentation.  Apt is great, and has
> helped a lot -- I think a GUI version, like gnome-apt, is really going
> to do a lot as well.

The problem is as great as gnome-apt is (which afaict is about as great
as anything gnome based, ie buggy---but that's a seperate rant) it's an X
thing.  Part of what got me using Debian in the first place was that I
didn't need to have X to be able to set it up.  

So where's the apt front end for the console?  apt 0.0.5 was the last
version to feature one.  =p  I hope the apt and gnome-apt teams haven't
forgotten us console people.  =>

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