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Re: vic for mbone video

Andrew Pimlott <andrew@pimlott.ne.mediaone.net> writes:

> On Fri, Mar 26, 1999 at 03:40:02PM -0700, Jake Griesbach wrote:
> > Hmm.  I'm thoroughly stumped here.  I've downloaded the source code and
> > applied the debian patches.  Sure enough it compiles.  But I still get the
> > error:  vic: invalid command name "tcl_findLibrary"
> I've seen the solution for this problem, so I'm sure you can find it if you
> search (maybe on the mbone mailing list).  It had something to do with
> different versions of Tcl (7.6 vs 8?).  I think something was using the
> wrong library file.  It was a simple fix once you found it, I think.

sorry, this is the old package. on my system i am currently running
2.8-4 for which i fixed this problem. you can get this from the same
place (ftp://caliban.lbl.gov/pub/debian/i386/vic_2.8-4_i386.deb).


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