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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

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On Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:45:18 +0000 (GMT), Ian Jackson wrote:

>At the moment many developers don't read -devel, or read it only very
>quickly, because it's too large.  

    Both of which are personal decisions that removing a certain segment of
the posting population of this list will not resolve because, eventually,
the volume, as Debian grows, will too grow.  If they can't handle it now,
they certainly won't handle a reduced load.  I think the thread on, well,
threading shows that some people just don't know how to handle large lists.
Oddly enough, here is one non-(but aspiring)developer who handles larges
lists as a matter of wrote with non-threading software.  :)

>Reducing the traffic in -devel by a quarter to a third by excluding
>nondeveloper postings would IMO be a clearly good thing.

    How so?  If you take the bean counter approach, sure.  That is what the
rest of your message is, bean counting.  It makes the base assuption that
non-developer posts are worthless because they are non-developer posts and
that developer posts are always with merit because they are from developers.
Need I point out Craig Sanders fun little tirade against me last month when
I asked for a cite about his statement that Linux' network code was proven
more effcient than FreeBSD's network code.  I don't think his message had
any worth, he is a developer.  On the flipside I think asking for a cite
that Linux networking code is better than FreeBSD code has some worth, or
would have if someone had provided one.  That is but one example and only
one because I happen to be involved in it and the developer's message is so
completely worthless, but many other cases can be made.

    There is also the matter of what Debian-Devel is billed to be on the
mailing list page.

"This is the main discussion list for development topics. All developers
should be subscribed to this list. As it is open to the public anyone can
join the discussion."

    A list for development topics, open to the public.  I guess that answers
your question of whether -devel was for developers or about development.  I
consider that a clear, concise answer.

    Finally, removing non-developers from -devel serves what purporse,
ultimately?  A forum for which developers can broadcast problems/questions,
etc to other developers without public "interferance"?  Well, doesn't that
match the description of Debian-Private?

"This list covers developer-to-developer issues. It is the main communication
media for all developers. It's only supposed to be used for politically or
technically sensitive discussions. Anything sent there should be treated as
sensitive and not to be spread to other lists; thus cross-posting between it
and an open list defeats the purpose of the list."

    So, how is removing non-developer contribution to -devel useful when you
remove the bean-counting?  It doesn't nessicarily increase worth, it goes
against the stated purpose of the list, it will force development issues
onto -user where, IMHO, Debian *really* doesn't want it, and it makes
- -devel, in essence, a duplicate of another established Debian list!

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