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Re: Volume on -devel

"Stephen A. Witt" <sawitt@electra.fu.hac.com> writes:

> At the risk of offending, as one of the non-developers lurking on this
> list, I think the value to the developer-in-embryo is very real. I'm
> trying to figure out a way to contribute and learn some of the issues of
> Debian development.  I also think that non-developers have no business

That's quite correct, and it's how I joined back in the Debian 1.1
era.  It's still the same, and it seems a very good method.

> posting to the list except in rare circumstances. There may also be a few
> special people who are not Debian developers who have some business
> interacting on this list. I believe Ian's proposal was to close the list
> to non-developer "posting", not necessarily receiving. Excuse the opinion,
> I'll go back to lurk mode.

I think you may be too restrictive.  Sometimes there are issues that
are relevant here.  For instance, if a sysadmin somewhere finds some
serious issues with Debian not talking to, eg, Solaris, because of the 
decisions made by Debian developers, this could be on-topic.

In general, though, I agree that "how do I format a floppy disk"
questions need to be on -user.


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