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Re: RFC: Inclusion of "An Anarchist FAQ"

On Thu, Mar 18, 1999 at 01:16:03AM -0500, Ed Boraas wrote:
> Those people who have objected to the inclusion of the Anarchist FAQ in
> debian have raised some good points; at what point does a document merit
> inclusion in debian? Are there strict criteria? Should it be of
> specifically OS-related content, or do documents of political opinion fit
> into the scheme? Originally, I thought that the anarchist FAQ, as a GPL'd
> and very popular document, would be valuable in the distro. In fact, I'd
> received requests from some people about deb-packaged versions of the FAQ.

This has been stressed a lot.
As long as we keep the bible in debian (priority: optional, section:
doc) we must permit also other non-technical docs to live in debian.

It would be ok for me to draw the line on the SW/HW technical matter,
but then the bible must go away as well.

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