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Re: UK get-together

On 17 Mar 1999, Kenneth MacDonald wrote:

> >>>>> "Steve" == Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>     Steve> What with all the shows etc. in the US, there have been
>     Steve> lots of opportunities for US-based Debian people to meet
>     Steve> up, have a beer, etc. But we haven't had such an event in
>     Steve> the UK and although I know there are lots of Debian
>     Steve> developers in the UK I have only met a few of them. Is
>     Steve> anybody interested in organising a get-together sometime
>     Steve> soon? It would be nice to meet up and swap PGP keys and/or
>     Steve> beer. Anyone?
> I met Phil Hands and Ian Jackson at Manchester last June at the UKUUG
> Linux Technical conference, or whatever it was called.  A friend in
> the local LUG, EdLUG, has just got his reminder that it's being done
> again this year, and I hope to go along to it again, if I get funding.

I'm in Cambridge term-times, London holidays, and I can normally get hold
of a car... I'd be up for a get together..


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