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Re: getservbyname() and glibc 2.1 (was Re: postfix cannot send mail anymore)

At 11:37 +1100 1999-03-17, Craig Sanders wrote:
i tried recompiling postfix with the new glibc 2.1.

fixed one minor problem - had to s/<db.h>/<db_185.h>/g in a couple
of source (global/mkmap_db.c and util/dict_db.c) files to get it to

(i had to remove man-db and libdb2 and libdb2-dev first. libc6
2.1.1-0pre1.3 Replaces: libdb2 but it doesn't Conflict or Provide it.
man-db depends on libdb2...which means i can only view man pages with
less at the moment on my glibc 2.1 test machine)

The replaces is for the db_* programs, I can't conflict or provide because glibc 2.1 doesn't have libdb2.so.2, db2 in glibc 2.1 is libdb.so.3.
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