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Re: ncpfs problem

On Wed, Mar 17, 1999 at 11:20:02AM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > Remark (now we come back to developer issues):  I would prefer a
> > default configuration for /etc/modules in which "auto" is enabled
> > and not hidden by a comment.  Any reason for that??
> I prefer not to enable auto; no real reason though.

i've noticed that with 2.1.x/2.2.x kernels it doesn't make any real
difference whether you have "auto" commented out in /etc/modules or not.
modules still get autoloaded by the kernel as needed.

i also prefer not to use "auto" (i *like* listing all modules explicitly
in /etc/modules), so find this vaguely annoying...but not annoying
enough to do something about it.


craig sanders

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