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Bug#34689: improved package listing -- bug tracking system

package: general
severity: wishlist

There should be a link listing  all packages 
and pseudo-packages under 


At the bottom of the page, I would like to a link titled:
 + Complete package name lists

It would only contain peusdo-package and package names.
It would include names for CD  and frozen-disks images. 

Such a listing  would be smaller than 

The later makes almost 245 KB.
On a slow serial link, it is unecessary to download all
the stats when you just need to find a package name.

Other pages: 
 + Bug tracking system main contents page. 
 + Developers' information regarding the bug processing system. 
 + Accessing the bug tracking logs other than by WWW. 
 + Full list of outstanding and recent bug reports. 
 + Packages with bug reports. 
 + Maintainers of packages with bug reports. 
 + Debian GNU/Linux home page. 

Bernard Drapeau (drapeaub@yahoo.com)
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