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Re: GNOME universe

Havoc Pennington <rhp@zirx.pair.com> writes:

> If/when there is a standard for any of these things, there will be no
> Gnome equivalent so it will not matter.
> Something like /etc/mime-magic is meant to say "non-Gnome applications can
> use this." And they can and should. They can even use the library code,
> which is not Gnome-dependent.

Still, Gnome is pretty bad at poluting the namespace.  It could do a
lot better.

There are other examples:


Even worse are the name collisions...

They recently moved /usr/share/apps -> /usr/share/gnome/apps.  For a
long time, it was colliding with KDE.

I've tried to get Raster to change the name of 'ee' to 'eeyes',
because that name collides with the 'ee' editor.  My requests have
fallen on deaf ears.  So I'm forced to patch it.

For the most part, Gnome is pretty good.  Most developers seem to know
how to avoid polluting the namespace.  But a few of them are polluting
the namespace, and nobody is calling them on it.  (or they are calling
them on it, and they are being ignored)


 - Jim

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