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Re: GNOME universe

Montreal Sun Mar 14 19:35:12 1999

Jonathan P Tomer <phouchg@cif.rochester.edu> wrote:
> > If/when there is a standard for any of these things, there will be no
> > Gnome equivalent so it will not matter.
> > 
> > Something like /etc/mime-magic is meant to say "non-Gnome applications can
> > use this." And they can and should. They can even use the library code,
> > which is not Gnome-dependent.
> hey, i was about to say that. ;)

But right now that's not true.  Right now, I have to install gnome-bin
and a hell of a lot of dependents if I want to get mime-magic.  Right
now there is no standard and when you do have a standard, who's to say
mime-magic will be of the same format and that GNOME and KDE will
change immediately to the new format and Debian will immediately make
new packages?  What if KDE changes to the new format but GNOME lags
behind, then what?  We have a bunch of avoidable conflicts.  Same goes
for /usr/bin/panel and /etc/paper.config.

Policy could help here and it's really wishful thinking that everyone
will standardise on GNOME standards.


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