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Re: Missing ldd? Have libc6 on hold? Get ldso from slink...

I upgraded with new glibc2.1 on powerpc 603e last night using apt
and upgrade went "smooth as a smelt".  I've not found anything
broken (yet).  X is fine and it didn't even trash my perl 5.00502 ;^).
This is not, however, a production system.

My $.02 is longer we wait the harder and more mangled some of 
these things get... what is this utmpd... grrrrr!


> > > potato containing glibc2.1 but no flag that it was happening, and if
> > > you're paranoid hold off a bit. It was also stated in the debian-devel
> > > discussion that the upgrade would not break any binaries compiled with
> > > glibc2.0, which has shown to be false, and is even documented in the
> > > FAQ shipped with the new libc package. The breakages so far are
> > > mostly minor, depending on what's relevant to you. I'm just saying it
> > > could have been handled more gracefully.
> > > 
> > > -Larry
> > 
> > People,
> > Get a grip. This needed to happen, it is best that it did happen early
> > in potato's life. Perl is going to be hard too. Fair warning WAS given.
> > If you don't think so you need to read -devel a bit more, and maybe IRC
> > a bit.


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