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Re: Why non-free? (Was: Re: KDE)

On Thu, Mar 11, 1999 at 11:38:16AM -0700, Bruce Sass wrote:
> > > I was working in dselect; forgot to install Apache for mrtg. ;P  My boss,
> > > who is watching, sees me select something necessary in non-free. Looks at
> > > me, "is that commercial? What does it cost?" 
> > 
> > That's when you explain the DFSG to him.  And why it's important.
> Uhmm, why not rename it to non-dfsg; 
> then the boss can ask, "What's dfsg, is there a dfsg version?"

I've seen an awful lot of this recently, and this is not the first time
and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last either.

Usually the reason for it is something like "but we don't want people to
think they should avoid stuff in non-free because they might have to pay
for it or something..."  To answer that, YES WE DO want to make people
think twice about installing something out of non-free, at least twice.

Debian is about free software.  Non-free software is there because
someone finds it useful to package.  Some non-free software is widely
used (Netscape, Quake) and other non-free software is used only by a few
people.  If calling it "non-free" causes people to think about it and
consider if they really want to install the package or not, great!

I do suggest that while we're talking about changing FTP layouts and the
like (something which can be done in many forms, one or two of which I
agree with) we should add something explaining what contrib and non-free
are, specifically pointing out that you really should check
/usr/doc/package/copyright to see that you can actually use the program
freely or not.

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