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Re: freedom-subtracted.debian.org (was: Re: KDE)

> This can be one reason, but this would a bug in the package.
> No, dpkg has also a bug. If there are conffiles in a directory, and you
> remove the package and purge it later, dpkg will try to remove the dir
> and fails (there are conffiles in it). Later, on purge, it removes the
> conffiles but has completely forgotten about the dir.

this is i think actually a policy problem: packages remove their conffiles
only in the postrm purge phase, whereas the very nature of postrm is such
that dpkg does nothing else afterwards (like removing dirs). is there any
reason conffile purging doesn't happen in prerm? if there is it might be
worthwhile to require postrm purge to remove any directories it empties.

i'm not quite sure how this works if you use the conffiles-in-the-deb
method rather than {pre,post}inst to create them; dpkg might have to
be modified to do the same thing.

-- p.
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