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Re: DFSG Draft #8

On 01-Mar-99, 14:15 (CST), Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote: 
> On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 01:07:16PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> > I'm not sure what "without obligation" here means.  Certainly I'm not
> > obligated to use software anyway.
> hmm, "without cost or other obligation to the authors of the software."
> perhaps?

How about "...obligation to the copyright holders of the software" (I'm
sure that could be phrased better). My point is that the author may
not actually be the entity that owns the copyright. For example, your
hypothetical use of the software I write at work in no way obligates
you to *me* :-), but I don't my employeer would be too happy unless you
wrote a fairly substantial check.


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