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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

On Tue, Mar 09, 1999 at 08:59:49PM -0600, Stephen Crowley wrote:
> Why not for packages? I think the majority of people have faster machines
> rather than slower. How long are we going to keep this up? I mean in 5 years
> from now are we still gonna be worried about the 4 people out there running
> 386s? I hope not. No offense, but there is no need for this. A 486 is gonna
> be slow whether its gzipped or bzip2ed, what about us poor modem users? Not
> everyone has T1 to their house you know.

How long are we going to keep grousing about crappy modem speeds? Ten
years from now, are we still going to worry about the poor slobs who
don't have fiber to the desktop?

Mike Stone

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