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Re: Directory enabled distribution

>> "BC" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

>> I just wonder if I can mount some directories on the NW4 Server
>> without the Caldera NW client. Otherwise I'll have to dynamically
>> create the homedirs or such some.

BC> Ask and ye shall receive :) There is a pam_mkhomedir module that
BC> was made for this purpose. It was written by one of the
BC> debian-admins, and I will have it packaged very soon.

This is great news. We will get new computers for a computer lab here,
and I can make 1/3 of the boxes Debian installations for comparison
with Windows NT. Without a way to authenticate to existing databases I
wouldn't be able to do it. And with this pam_mkhomedir module, I
really think I can set up the thing to actually work :-)

Now I will start reading about pam and ldap.


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