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Re: Directory enabled distribution

> At work many of our systems are Netware Directory Services based, and it shows
> that directory enabled operating systems are the way to go for managing
> thousands of users across hundreds of servers. LDAP is still a long way
> behind NDS in many areas (e.g. replication) and NDS is already built in to
> most of the Netware applications, but LDAP is now developing very quickly
> and, as an open standard, has more long term potential.

Current versions of Netware's NDS talk LDAP - NDS is the underlying
Directory Service, with LDAP just being the protocol for accessing
directory info.

Replication is the job of the DS, not its access protocol(s).

Its not NDS vs LDAP - its <any DS> + <ubiquitous access protocol>

All LDAP-speaking compute-nodes (an that *will* be everybody
very soon) will care about is that <NDS,X.500,MS_whatever> know
how to present their DS info in LDAP-speak.

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