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Re: Directory enabled distribution

Jim Freeman <jfree@sovereign.org> writes:

> Current versions of Netware's NDS talk LDAP - NDS is the underlying
> Directory Service, with LDAP just being the protocol for accessing
> directory info.
> Replication is the job of the DS, not its access protocol(s).
> Its not NDS vs LDAP - its <any DS> + <ubiquitous access protocol>
> All LDAP-speaking compute-nodes (an that *will* be everybody
> very soon) will care about is that <NDS,X.500,MS_whatever> know
> how to present their DS info in LDAP-speak.

So, I hate to ask a slightly off topic question but I asked this a couple
of weeks ago and got no response.  If I want to do authentication for a
Linux box off of a Netware 5 server, can I?  Are you saying if I install
some ldap packages I'm set?  Or, do I need to wait for PAM?

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