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Re: Directory enabled distribution

martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de (Martin Bialasinski) writes:

> The Netware Server (4.01 in my case) can make some of its NDS Tree
> available via LDAP. So a LDAP PAM module should be able to authenticate
> the user.

So, I need to compile "login", "qpopper", etc. with PAM support if I want
to use Debian?  I'm going to be doing this next week, so waiting for
"potato" isn't an option.

> (The export via LDAP part is something I've read. I didn't try it).

It's in the docs - we can only assume it will work :-)
> I just wonder if I can mount some directories on the NW4 Server
> without the Caldera NW client. Otherwise I'll have to dynamically
> create the homedirs or such some.

Read the IPX howto.  Of course, if you don't want to use IPX/Bindery (which 
is probably your point ;-)) then I can't help you.

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