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Re: Directory enabled distribution

>>>>> "John" == John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk> writes:

    John> I agree - though I think it is a good exercise to have two
    John> ldap packages in the system - perhaps Netscape will release
    John> their Directory server for Linux and we would be able to
    John> easily switch between that and openldap.

It seems like they have:

I've been trying to figure out and understand what is going on this
(and other) threads. What is LDAP/PAM/whatever, and how to
use/administer it...

Could anyone kick me in the right direction for a FAQ/HOWTO please?

    >> If we can make this an additional goal for potato, we will be
    >> able to mark ourselves the FIRST completely directory enabled
    >> distribution (not just Linux either, all OS's), I don't think
    >> there are any other systems that enable LDAP to this extent (NT
    >> 5 doesn't count, it's still beta, plus their LDAP is "embraced
    >> and extentended").

Whatever it it, it sounds good 'Linux is the first Linux distribution
with xxxxx' :)

    John> At work many of our systems are Netware Directory Services
    John> based, and it shows that directory enabled operating systems
    John> are the way to go for managing thousands of users across
    John> hundreds of servers. LDAP is still a long way behind NDS in
    John> many areas (e.g. replication) and NDS is already built in to
    John> most of the Netware applications, but LDAP is now developing
    John> very quickly and, as an open standard, has more long term
    John> potential.

Ahhh... so LDAP is an atempt to duplicate NDS ?
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