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Re: slink release delayed

On Wed, Mar 03, 1999 at 11:54:09AM -0500, Steve Dunham wrote:
> John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:
> > 	I'm not sure the kernel source for 2.2.1 should be there.
> > It had a nasty bug that hung the kernel when doing alot of disk I/O.
> > Leaves the partition in a mess when you reboot too.  What I am saying
> > is that no one should run 2.2.1 .
> I haven't seen this yet (I've been building CDs for the last 2 weeks on a
> sparc with a 2.2.1 kernel with one IDE and three SCSI drives).

I haven't seen it on our Sparcs too but I've certainly seen it on my
low mem 486. So probably it's fixed in Davem's 2.2.1 sparc patch or it
doesn't apply to Sparcs at all.

> >   It has been fixed in 2.2.2 , but it's too late for that.
> > ./dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel/kernel-source-2.2.1_2.2.1-1.deb
> Actually, I'd like to see the kernel-source-sparc package from
> incoming installed.  The sparc platform offers 2.0.35 kernels on
> non-Ultra machines, and 2.2.1 kernels on all machines.  (We need a
> late 2.1 or 2.2 kernel to boot on the Ultras, and it is too late to
> build new kernels and boot floppies. - Also, my Sparc20 still refuses
> to boot with any 2.0 kernel that Debian provides, so I need the 2.2.1
> kernel on that platform too.)

The 2.2.1 kernel source package still makes sense for the Sparc
port. If you install the 2.2.1 kernel source .deb and the 2.2.1 sparc
kernel-patch .deb you got the full kernel sources in .deb
form. Steve's package just provides the images in .deb form without
the source .deb.



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