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slink release delayed

Why delay?

We've underestimated the severity of several bugs.  The bugs under
consideration are:

dpkg-dev crashed on non-English
	I have a simple workaround which simply shuts off i18n.  I
	will upload an NMU tonight.

pcmcia 2.0.34 not usable
	This is solved by simply removing it.  We provide 35 and 36 as
	well.  Hamm only provided 34.  Brian Mays, could you confirm this?

procmail security error

This does not mean that the gates are open for all changes!  Each
upload should be decided by the metric - Is it by itself important
enough to delay?  So practically all changes will continue to be

As in other things, we are reaching a state where doing things by the
seat of pants is becoming insufficient.  I intend to write a document
which describes how release management should happen.  It will be a
combination of implementation and policy, so I will post it here for
review.  Hopefully we can improve the process for a potato release.


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