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Re: slink release delayed

Guy Maor <maor@debian.org> writes:

> dpkg-dev crashed on non-English
> 	I have a simple workaround which simply shuts off i18n.  I
> 	will upload an NMU tonight.

I've uploaded and installed an NMU.  Other architectures - please

> pcmcia 2.0.34 not usable
> 	This is solved by simply removing it.  We provide 35 and 36 as
> 	well.  Hamm only provided 34.  Brian Mays, could you confirm this?

I'm still waiting to hear if removing 34 is a good solution.

> procmail security error

I thought that this was already released, but it hasn't been.  In that
case, we can just release it in the first patch release of 2.1.

The only other allowed changes are fixes to the boot disks, upgrade-*
areas, and Release-Notes.  Unless some exceptional bug arises, other
changes will be rejected.


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