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Re: Directory enabled distribution

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 02:01:13PM -0800, Oscar Levi wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 06, 1999 at 02:43:11PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> > I would like to start a discussion on having potato be directory
> > enabled. Basically this means support for LDAP in packages.
> [deletia]
> I have done some research on LDAP for my clients.  I wanted to use it
> to enable directory service for non-MS clients.  Your intent to enable
> LDAP in the OS is commendable.


> I ask you, as someone well versed in LDAP...
>  1) Is it good for anything besides a network distributed database?
>     This may sound odd.  Are these other applications for LDAP that
>     would make sense for applications other than e-mail?

The extensiblity is only limited by the information you put into it.
Here's an idea I had to go along with the name service capability we
already have:

- Network configuration database. For example to store 'status' and
'available' info for packages. Would allow for easier system
maintainence of large to medium networks. More than likely this would
be implemented as a backend to what the admintool people are working

>  2) Do we have an LDAP browser?  I tried the Windows version that
>     Michigan distributed and found it wanting.

I have been looking at some of the GUI browsers, as well as some web
based browsers using php3. This kind of usage is what it will take to
make LDAP approachable by most people.

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