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Re: Releasing Slink

Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> The slink release has been a mess, culminating in a last-minute "sorry, we
> missed it again" announcement. If we're going to release properly next
> Tuesday at 00:00 GMT, then we need a schedule like the following:

> 1. Fixes needed for each set allowed in Tue, Wed, Thu and then _no more
>    uploads_ for any reason. At all. None.

Sparc is slightly broken. A new console-tools was uploaded Wednesday,
dinstall, as usual, deleted the old binary-all "console-tools-data"
package, breaking console-tools on the sparc.  I didn't notice this
until I ran slink_cd late friday night.

I've uploaded a sparc binary for the console-tools that is currently
in slink (for all of the other architectures.)

So, when do you want a CD image.  Assuming the other archs have
stopped uploading new stuff, the last thing we _need_ for sparc is for
console-tools to be installed from incoming into the distribution.

Now depending on how rushed we are for time, I can merge this into my
mirror manually and generate the CD images, or I can wait till it is
installed on master and then rsync and generate the CD images.
(Assuming that dinstall picks it up today, it will be 1800 EST or
later - dinstall runs at 1500 EST and "masterfiles", a long process,
runs after dinstall is done.)


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