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Re: Releasing Slink

Steve Dunham writes:
>Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>> The slink release has been a mess, culminating in a last-minute "sorry, we
>> missed it again" announcement. If we're going to release properly next
>> Tuesday at 00:00 GMT, then we need a schedule like the following:
>> 1. Fixes needed for each set allowed in Tue, Wed, Thu and then _no more
>>    uploads_ for any reason. At all. None.
>Sparc is slightly broken. A new console-tools was uploaded Wednesday,
>dinstall, as usual, deleted the old binary-all "console-tools-data"
>package, breaking console-tools on the sparc.  I didn't notice this
>until I ran slink_cd late friday night.
>I've uploaded a sparc binary for the console-tools that is currently
>in slink (for all of the other architectures.)
>So, when do you want a CD image.  Assuming the other archs have
>stopped uploading new stuff, the last thing we _need_ for sparc is for
>console-tools to be installed from incoming into the distribution.


>Now depending on how rushed we are for time, I can merge this into my
>mirror manually and generate the CD images, or I can wait till it is
>installed on master and then rsync and generate the CD images.
>(Assuming that dinstall picks it up today, it will be 1800 EST or
>later - dinstall runs at 1500 EST and "masterfiles", a long process,
>runs after dinstall is done.)

Hmmm. That's probably a bit late. I'd like to have all the images done and
on cdimage by the end of today (Sunday) GMT to give the mirrors Monday to
get the images. If you can do it by hand, then I guess...

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