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Re: now that the logo contest is over...

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Fredrik Ax wrote:

> raul-1
> This one is genieous ;-)
> No seriously, it's simple & easily recognized. The simplicity is
> a big advantage though it makes the logo easily reproducible in a
> format that will allow scaling without loss of quality.
... and simplicity can only be born from deep thought before starting
to move the mouse over the Gimp screen.  Yes I like this idea too.
But I prefere the following more because I like the animal idea.
> idsfa-4
> I like the association with the Debian society as working bees
> (see motivation in the idsfa-0 submission).
> villate-3  
> I also like the association with the orca (see Andreas Tille's
> mails to debian-devel regarding this). The orca also have the
> advantage compared to the bee, that it is more easily drawn and
> thus more reproducible and scalable.
That's what I've said all the time and that's why I prefer this logo.

Kind regards


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