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Re: slink release delayed

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:

> 	I'm not sure the kernel source for 2.2.1 should be there.
> It had a nasty bug that hung the kernel when doing alot of disk I/O.
> Leaves the partition in a mess when you reboot too.  What I am saying
> is that no one should run 2.2.1 .
>   It has been fixed in 2.2.2 , but it's too late for that.

i had the system lock up on me with 2.2.2. i wonder if it wasn't
actually some weird interaction between the update daemon and the
kernel. there is a new update daemon (2.0) which was designed to work
with 2.2.x kernel series. i remember seeing a message about this, but
i can't seem to find it now.


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