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Re: Sound/X11 config

On Thu, Mar 04, 1999 at 10:15:11AM +0100, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> >>>>> "Leon" == Leon Breedt <leon@obsidian.co.za> writes:
>     Leon> Fredriksson spake thus:
>     >> I think it's more important to get the X11 configure program to
>     >> work FIRST. Not that the sound config is uninportant, but why
>     >> not do a _MAJOR_ effort to get X11 to work better than it
>     >> currently does under Debian. If you know what you are doing,
>     >> it's not a problem, but... :)
>     >> 
>     >> Why not help with the Xconfigurator port instead?
>     Leon> Do we have a well-defined way to abstract the UI routines so
>     Leon> that we can write programs with a minimum of effort for both
>     Leon> X and console?
> I have  no idea what so  ever! I just  saw that someone is  working on
> porting  RH's Xconfigurator (that  I used  twice, and  which impressed
> some on me) and that it was a 'quick and dirty hack'...

what about using libggi or something like that ...

i am no advocate of it, and maybe it is big, but it was supposedly created for
just this kind of stuff, no ...

they even have some start on a toolkit, libgwt it is called i think, but i
guess they are not actively working on it.

This way, it will run on fbdev, X and any other target they have ...



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