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Re: Releases

(from -private)

On Thu, Mar 04, 1999 at 12:28:14AM -0300, Lalo Martins wrote:
> My concern isn't as much about "bleeding edge" as it is about
> the fact that many of the developers think the release system is
> broken.

I'd not say `broken'. We make pretty good releases, and we do them in
reasonable amounts of time. People are *still* using bo and are quite
happy with it, hamm has needed a few security updates and that's it,
and slink's about ready to be released with a number of major packaging
(as opposed to upstream) changes [0].

Sure, I think we could do better. I even have some ideas about how we
could do better, but I also think the way everything currently works is
pretty darn good, and I don't think it's worth getting stressed about
it and saying "Oh my god, we'd better freeze potato tomorrow if we ever
want to release it" and whatever else.


[0] X has been, essentially, completely repackaged; Apt has been added,
    and the binary distribution is about three times as large as RedHat's
    now. We've doubled the number of architectures we support.

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