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Re: Releasing Slink (was Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes)

Kevin Dalley writes:
>Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>> The slink release has been a mess, culminating in a last-minute "sorry, we
>> missed it again" announcement.
>Nonsense.  Our goal is to have solid releases, not releases which have 
>a predictable hour of birth.  The slink release would have been a mess 
>if the release had gone ahead with a serious bug.

Agreed. But a lot of the problems we have with meeting release schedules
can be fixed. We're always going to find last-minute problems, but there
are too many showing up too late at the moment. When I get a chance I'll
post a (currently half-finished) document I'm writing about how I think we
can improve matters.

>Perhaps we should not have predicted a hard 2.1 release date, though
>having the date forced us to move forward.  Slink is pretty solid,
>just not quite good enough yet.


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