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How to build a package which can be included in MIME support


I tried to include my image viewer paul into the MIME support
to give users the chance to choose it as viewer for some images.
I had a deep look at the XV package and found that there is a
file called /usr/lib/mime/package/xv.  So I've created a file
/usr/lib/mime/package/paul (this stuff will go into /usr/share
in potato after FHS right??).  Also I called

  test -x /usr/sbin/update-mime && update-mime || true

in postinst and postrm.  The /etc/mailcap entry was done as
expected.  The only thing which dosn't work is asking the
user which priority he wants at certain file formats for paul.

What do I have to do to let dpkg ask while configuring paul
which priority it should have for certain file formats?

Kind regards


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