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netbase bug?

Can someone try to duplicate this problem please?

I have 2 Debian boxes with 3c905b NICs.  Both are running 2.2.2 but with
netbase 3.1-1.21 the ip-aliasing stuff "works", as in the ip alias is
created but ifconfig will not show the alias unless you call it explicitly
with the interface name.

When netbase 3.12-2.1 is installed this behavior is gone and the ifconfig
command shows all ip-aliased interfaces when called without flags.

I checked the bug database and didn't see a report related to this so I'm
wondering if the maintainer caught it and didn't file a report or if I am
missing something.

Either way, why hasn't a patched version (i.e 3.12-2.1) of netbase been
moved to the stable/frozen/slink tree?


Ian Setford                                               ians@unt.edu

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