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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

Bruce Sass <bsass@bms.freenet.edmonton.ab.ca> writes:

   On 2 Mar 1999, Ben Pfaff wrote:

   > Does anyone have any special requests for the graphical boot floppies
   > while we're on the subject?

   with the exception of the end-user interface(s), 
   the graphical are identical to the non-graphical boot floppies; 

So far that's the plan, because it's easier.

   the `stuff' discussed in -admintool is integrated into them,
   so that it is easy to do `perl/perl-base' with any package;

Could you summarize to this list?  I don't follow -admintool.

   "scalable" and "modular" are prominent features,
   so the set can fit onto two or three floppies and be fleshed out fully
   from a separate package after the basic installation is complete.

Do you mean the base system or the install floppies?  I'm not planning
to change the base system, but there will only be one or at most two
install floppies plus a drivers floppy.

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