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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Joel Klecker wrote:

> At 11:44 +0100 1999-03-03, Santiago Vila wrote:
> >We should probably not even think of moving /usr/info/*   to
> >/usr/share/info/* until the info program supports both directories.
> I have already stated this several times, `info' has a large number 
> of directories in its default INFOPATH, including /usr/share/info.

Fine. Does this mean that we can already use /usr/share/info?
How does install-info deal with the dir file?

[ We should probably discuss the details in debian-policy ].

> >The same could be said for the man program.
> man-db's conffile can be easily adjusted to use /usr/share/man (it 
> needs to be adjusted to store cat pages in /var/cache/man as well, 
> also easy).

Ok, is this reported as a bug?

I think we could probably start to use /usr/share/man as soon as man-db
supports it.

But again, this is a policy matter, and I suggest to move this discussion

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