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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

At 11:44 +0100 1999-03-03, Santiago Vila wrote:
We should probably not even think of moving /usr/info/*   to
/usr/share/info/* until the info program supports both directories.

I have already stated this several times, `info' has a large number of directories in its default INFOPATH, including /usr/share/info.

The same could be said for the man program.

man-db's conffile can be easily adjusted to use /usr/share/man (it needs to be adjusted to store cat pages in /var/cache/man as well, also easy).

Ian Jackson has already expressed his opinion that moving /var/lib/dpkg to
/var/state/dpkg is a bad idea (which package is supposed to do that,
and how will dpkg know that things have moved?).

He expressed the opinion that it is a gratuitous change, not that it is too difficult. If you look at the dpkg postinst, you can see that it has code to move /var/adm/dpkg to /var/lib/dpkg and change the format of some files in the process. If anything, moving from /var/lib/dpkg to /var/state/dpkg is a simpler process.

What's left?

squid should default to /var/cache/www for new installs. TeX and such should cache fonts in /var/cache/fonts
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