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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Michael Bramer wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 12:45:23AM +0000, Edward Betts wrote:
> > Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
> >   Changes needed, off the top of my head - 
> >     * move /usr/doc/*    to /usr/share/doc/*
> >     * move /usr/info/*   to /usr/share/info/*
> >     * move /usr/man/*    to /usr/share/man/*
> >     * move /var/lib/dpkg to /var/state/dpkg
> To make the move, I have write a bash-script: fs-translation
> I have not test it.
> It test the arguments from fs-translation and make, after the move, a
> symlink at the old place to the new.

This has been discussed in debian-policy and some people are against
moving things this way.

Just generating new packages with the new paths would make this script
completely unneeded (in the old times, we didn't use any script to move
copyright files from /usr/doc/copyright/package to
/usr/doc/package/copyright, for example).

But before that we have to be sure that we are not going to break
anything. Examples:

We should probably not even think of moving /usr/info/*   to
/usr/share/info/* until the info program supports both directories.

The same could be said for the man program.

Ian Jackson has already expressed his opinion that moving /var/lib/dpkg to
/var/state/dpkg is a bad idea (which package is supposed to do that,
and how will dpkg know that things have moved?).

What's left?

Are there any programs which breaks if docs are moved from /usr/doc
to /usr/share/doc?


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