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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 10:08:13PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> Instead of losing it, why don't you point us to a place where this is
> discussed rationally? It seems most people have only heard something
> about the initial release of 2.1 being yanked of the ftp server due
> to a copyright problem. Enlighten us.

Where have you heard this? It's come up on the list more than once, and
each time it was explained. And if you check the source
(ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/glibc/glibc-2.1-README) you'll find reference
to political, not copyright, problems. (I.e., some gnu people don't like
promoting egcs instead of the GNU cc)

Mike Stone

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